the knit net

Broken Seed Stitch Socks

by Hanna Leväniemi

Step 1:

Cast on an even number of stitches using the single-color yarn. With fingering weight yarn,
this could be something between 56 – 64 stitches depending on your gauge (which
shouldn’t be too loose, remember? But the stitch pattern will also give in a little, so what
you estimate to be your “normal” number of stitches will do just nicely.) 

Step 2:

Knit ribbing (k1, p1 or k2, p2) for about 1 inch (2.5 cm). Start knitting the seed stitch
pattern, starting on row 1. Change yarns at the end of the round (this will not show as
clearly as in stockinette stitch). It may be a good idea to place a marker there. 

Step 3:

After knitting the leg for desired length, knit the heel using single-color yarn and half of the
stitches. The heel construction is up to you – a flap heel and a short row heel both work
just as fine, or any other heel of your choice. 

Step 4:

After finishing the heel, continue with two yarns. Divide (at least mentally, or with stitch
markers) the stitches in two sections: the top of the foot and the sole. If you need to do any
decreases after the heel, the stitches to be decreased will belong to the sole stitches.
Continue knitting the seed stitch pattern on the top of the foot but knit the sole stitches in
stockinette stitch. Change yarns yarns in the beginning of the seed stitch section. 

Step 5:

Once you think it’s time to start knitting the toe, do so (end the seed stitch patter either
with row 2 or row 4), using the single color yarn and stockinette stitch. Finish the toe and
block. Wear and enjoy!