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KitKat Hat

by AndreSue

Step 1:

Using smaller circular needle (size 5 or 6) CO 88 stitches. Place marker for beginning of the round (BOR). Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist.

Step 2:

Rib: Knit in rib (k2, p2) until piece measures 3 inches from cast on edge. Stop at the BOR marker.

Step 3:

Knit Body: Knit in stockinette until the hat measures 8.25 inches or the height you desire, stopping at the BOR marker.

Step 4:

Bind Off: Turn your hat inside out. With the wrong side (purl side) on the outside, bind off using 3-needle bind off. This puts the row of bind off stitches on the inside of your hat.

Using a tapestry needle, weave in all your ends.

Step 5:

Pin Down Ears: Turn the hat right-side out. Stitch down each ear in the middle with a small piece of yarn about 1.5 inches from the sides. Use a tapestry needle to pull the tails to the inside of the hat. Weave in ends or tie ends together and cut fairly short.