the knit net

Simple House Slippers

by Temple of Knit

Step 1:


Cast on 40 stitches with a regular long tail cast-on.

Knit for 32 rows (garter stitch), slip the first stitch purlwise on every row. On the 32nd row knit until you have 1 stitch left.
Gather in the round while switching the last (unknit) stitch of the current row with the first stitch of the next row ( to prevent laddering), place marker in between those 2 stitches.

After knitting the first gathered row, rearrange your stitches so that you have the top of the foot on one needle and the bottom of the foot on another, using the marker as a guide. You can now remove the marker or place it in the new 1st stitch of your row.

Knit stockinette in the round  until you are 2,5 centimeters (1 inch) from where you want the toe to end.