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Easy iPad Sweater

by Elizabeth Smith

Step 1:

With color A, CO 60 (80) sts, pm then join to work in the
rnd, making sure not to twist sts

Rnd 1: *k1, p1; repeat from * to marker
Rnd 2: *p1, k1; repeat from * to marker
Repeat above 2 rnds: 2 more times
K 10 rnds

Step 2:

Begin Stripes
With color B, k 3 rnds
With color A, k 3 rnds
With color C, k 3 rnds
With color A, k 3 rnds

Repeat these 12 rnds until piece measures approx.
8.25 (10.25)” from CO edge, ending with 3 rnds of
color C

Note: you will have to cut the ends of colors B & C each time
you use them but color A can travel up the side since you
will be using it more frequently

Step 3:

Continue with color C for 4 more rnds

Using an extra US 8 needle, k 40 sts onto it (so you will
have 40 sts on the extra needle and 40 sts still remain
on the original needles

Turn work inside out, and with the working yarn on the
right side and using the other extra US 8 needle, work
the 3 Needle BO Technique to seam the two sides of
live sts together

Step 4:

Weave in all ends

Optional buttons: because of the nature of the seed
stitch border, it’s possible to use the space in between
each stitch as a buttonhole (as shown in the photographed
sample). With the right side of the piece facing
you, you will be attaching the buttons to the inside of the
bottom layer border, approx 1.25 (2.25)” in from each